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Elvo Tower - Elvo Brewery

the Elvo Tower is located in the center of Biella where you can enjoy the smoke & malts experience, which combines the fine creations of the Elvo brewery with refined research in the world of BBQ. to welcome you with all our craft beers and the possibility of tasting them fresh on tap. upstairs, a more intimate area where you can savor more refined moments by accompanying our beers with our selected dishes. Our whole world bite after sip.

+39 015 370 2122

contact us and reserve your experience at the elvo tower:

savor the selection of our draft beers on the ground floor accompanied by our tapas or enjoy the smoke & malts fully in the welcoming intimacy of the restaurant on the first floor.


biella, via san filippo, 17




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From our passion for the culture of Barbecue comes the idea of ​​a tailor-made experience. For all those who want to eat well and drink better, we have created a captivating game. Imagine: every recipe we offer from the fumes of our grills combined in a unique way with Elvo malts. We have created new combinations for each flavour, placing our beer at the center and combining it with a flavor that is always capable of enhancing it. An unprecedented synergy to amaze your taste buds, from the tenderness of a bite to a crunchy sip.